Today I did some weighing  in a group I had Tilly and Alice in my group.



I weighed  an apple,a egyptian  god ,an orange, a shell, a stone.

how to make my favourite cola float

cola float

I will need:                        what to do:

  • fizzy cola                             first pour some fizzy cola into a tall glass . drop in 2 scoops of
  •                                             vanilla ice cream and stir.
  •                                            next add food colouring  to the water before freezing .
  •                                            after that dip the rim in a little  water then in a saucer
  •                                            in a of caster sugar .
  • tall glass
  •                                           make a small slit in a slice of fruit and balance on the
  •                                            rim of the glass.
  • 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream
  •                                            pop in a pretty straw    the twirler  the better.
  •                                            finally put a paper umbrella.
  • ice cubes
  • food colouring
  • bit of water
  • caster sugar
  • sices of fruit
  • twerly straw
  • paper umbrella


I woke up and the first thing I did was turn the light on.

After a bit of reading I had breakfast  and got ready for school .

 then I went to school !

and had lots of fun. after a busy  day I went home and had tea and then I went to bed.

Abi’s First Story

Once there was a beautiful young girl called Abi ,she had long golden hair and sapphire blue eyes and her favorite thing to eat was blueberries.
She lived in a treehouse on a island with her 2 best friends: Sapphire ( a blue bunny ) and Ruby (a red kitten )

One day she was playing in the trees of the island when Abi suddenly saw a ship then she
And ran to the treehouse.

All about me

Name – Abigail
Colour of hair – Blonde
Colour of eyes – Blue
Favourite food – Blueberries
Favourite colour – Blue
Favourite thing to do – Read

Everybody loves me because I am fun to be with

But when I fart everybody has to leave the room



The Shower Contents

Reich Safari Portable Shower

The Reich Safari portable shower is not the cheapest around but it offers superior performance, build quality and convenience to justify its price. It provides an effective solution for anyone who does not have a built-in shower in their campervan or motorhome and is willing to use an outdoor shower – no doubt within the protection of a suitable small shower tent unless you’re in one of those places where nature knows no bounds …

The Safari is a versatile unit which will find many uses aside from providing showers for people – for instance, dealing with muddy dogs, boots, mats and motorhomes.

The shower is endowed with no less than 4 metres of hose and 6 metres of power cord for the 12v connection, making it easy to plug in and to deploy. The amazing thing is that the Safari still packs down into a tiny – but sturdy – plastic case which is more or less the size of an A4 sheet of paper, although somewhat thicker at 70 mm.

The submersible pump is placed in a suitable water container – for showering simply add a kettleful of hot water to a greater quantity of cold water; then plug the power cord into a 12v supply. The unit is fitted with a universal type plug which fits into a cigar lighter socket or into the DIN type of socket which is commonly found in the habitation areas of motorhomes.

Once the pump is running the flow of water is controlled from the shower head; the vented pump can be left running even when water is not being drawn off and this offers the advantage that the water in the hose is kept under pressure so that water emerges from the shower head instantly whenever the lever is pressed on the shower head. The substantial metal shower head has a lever which can be set in the off position; or allow flow as long as the lever is held down; or the lever can be locked in the on position to allow hands-free continuous operation.

While the pump is running it consumes only around 1.5 amps (18 watts) so even a ten-minute shower would take merely about 0.25 Ah from your leisure battery. In fact Reich states that when the pump is kept running simply to maintain pressure its power consumption is reduced.

In practice your shower use will be regulated more by the need to conserve water (which most likely you are going to have to fetch) but campervanstuff performed an experiment and found that in practice a very small amount of water, with the addition of a modest proportion of hot water, provided a very satisfactory and economical shower. See below for more …

Pump: 12v, patented air venting, 0.9 bar 18 litres per minute (in our tests the delivery through the long hose and at head height was about 2.7 L/min)
Hose length: 4 metres
12v supply cable length: 6 metres
Storage Case size (mm): 210 x 297 x 70